Toll Free: 678-405-9180Toll Free: 678-405-9180

Email Appending Service

  • 60 to75% append rate of contacts list.
  • Double-scrubbed email addresse
  • Performs verification through ECOA, DSF and CASS

Phone Data Enhancement

  • We indicate DO Not Call Flags
  • Comply with all Federal and State Telephone
  • Facsimile messaging legislation and regulations

Data Append Services

  • Create opt in database
  • Suppress data,
  • DNC processing
  • Phone Type Indicator solution.

Consumer Email Appending

We match against

  • 110 million consumers
  • 85 million household data
  • Covers lifestyle, financial to retail

USA Email Appending

We match against

  • 120 million database of vast business and consumer profiles
  • 9 different types of master data file
  • More than 350 major companies of USA

Canada Email Deduplication

We match against

  • More than major 250 companies of Canada

SIC Code Data Services

  • Solutions for all regional SIC codes
  • Append all pattern of SIC codes

Email list cleaning & Data Hygiene

  • Flag invalid email addresses
  • Scan syntax, domain, SMPT

UK Email List Scrubbing

We match against

  • 115 million UK email address and mailing address.

Business Records Appending

We match against

  • Fortune 500 and 1000 companies
  • 62 million businesses in more than 150 countries
  • Includes 15,000 U.S. publicly traded companies
  • Companies listed on the NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ

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